Who can train to be a counsellor?

Counselling is a wonderful profession and is open to developing practitioners from all walks of life. Age, style and gender are not barriers to training, race and culture doesn’t stop you but all of these things form part of who you are, so become increasingly important the further through your training you get. You need to appreciate all of the things about you as a person and how they influence the way that you experience the world around you. This type of self awareness is vital as a trainee counsellor and therefore we embrace difference and diversity in the training room. Most things about you wouldn’t prevent you from accessing counselling training although we have to be realistic as not everyone would be suitable to become a counsellor. There are some things that definitely would prevent you from training and some things that would have to be considered carefully. If you have a criminal record for abusing a child for example then you would definitely not be allowed to begin the training. If you have a history of violent behaviour then that too is likely to stop you from becoming a counsellor. A criminal conviction that is not violent but suggests that you are not trustworthy (for example fraud) is also likely to prevent you from entering the training journey. The training provider is likely to carry out an enhanced DBS check to ensure that they have knowledge of your criminal history if you have one. So, in summary although there are some clear no-nos….most people can access and enjoy the training journey to becoming a skilled and ethical counsellor. Our differences are our strengths and they make us the special and unique individual practitioners that we are.

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