Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

How exciting…a Level 5 qualification that is accessible and affordable – and delivered over 1 weekend per month!

We are really excited to have the facilities, staff and resources to be able to deliver a higher level counselling qualification. No need to go to university, no need for hefty fees…this is a fantastic alternative for Level 4 qualified practitioners who wish to develop their knowledge and experience further in our private training centre.

Don’t forget that once you have completed the Level 5, you can progress on to do the Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision which we also offer at Chapters should the mood take you!
This is a 1 year programme that is intended for qualified practitioners who have already acquired the CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling or its RPL (prior learning) equivalent and wish to continue to develop their understanding and skills in order to:
Establish and maintain an appropriate framework for independent practice
Practice as a senior counsellor within an agency
Develop their proficiency to work with clients at CPCAB Service Level B2
Deepen their ability to work with the counselling relationship
Develop their proficiency in one particular counselling approach
Facilitate understanding of working in health settings Carry out client assessments (including identifying and referring clients with severe and complex mental health problems).
It is important to note that all of our counselling courses at Chapters are primarily based on the Person-Centred approach…and this one will be too although of course we draw from other theories and concepts when appropriate.

Course requirements
Personal Therapy Requirements – Candidates will need to have completed a minimum of 40 hours of personal counselling by the end of the course. This can include hours undertaken prior to the start of the course but at least 10 hours of personal therapy must be undertaken during the training year itself.
Client work requirements – A minimum of 60 hours formally-contracted counselling (one-to-one) including client assessment.
Supervision requirements – Supervision – in the form of either group or one-to-one supervision – to meet BACP minimum requirements.
Internal Assessment – A portfolio of evidence ranging from learning reviews, self-reviews, 2 assignments, a client record (minimum of 60 one-to-one hours), a clinical supervision record and a personal counselling record (minimum of 40 hours by the end of the course). Your will also include a review of a 15-minute transcript of clinical work.
Tutor observation – You will also include records of tutor feedback on your counselling practice sessions (one via an audio or video recording) and also a case presentation.
Testimony – You must include records of peer feedback on your counselling practice sessions and one supervisor report. We may also ask that you include and review client evaluation/feedback.
You will also complete an externally assessed case review (3,000–3,500 words) in the latter half of the programme.

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