Employer Assistance Service

As an organisation we can also provide a confidential, personal and professional service to employers, which encourage and assist employees to overcome personal problems, which are affecting their performance and/or attendance at work. These can include stress, emotional problems, financial problems, workplace conflict or relationship difficulties to name but a few. We can also work with employees who are facing the challenges of redundancy or within a support package for employees whilst adjusting during resettlement periods.

Our Employer Assistance Service provides a means within a supportive and confidential framework, to facilitate employees to identify and acknowledge that there is a problem and to make appropriate positive changes. Although specific details about client issues cannot be disclosed, we will be able to offer an overview report that identifies the types of issues that are problematic for employees. This is not designed to ‘spill the beans’ or breach confidentiality in any way but can be used as a tool for identifying current trends and support needs in the workplace.

Chapters is able to provide a bespoke service for your company based on your requirements. Please use the contact us link and let us know your requirements and together we can create the right package for you and your employees.

We have experience of working in a time-limited way whilst still creating a very supportive, trusting and effective therapeutic relationship with positive outcomes.

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